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Choose The Right Linux Distro

how to choose linux distro

Linux has many types and variants, this Linux variant is known as a distro, choosing the right distro will facilitate you in the learning process.

What is a Linux distribution?

A distro is a Linux Distribution or Linux version created and circulated by certain groups/organizations and the Linux version is named specifically as an identifier, for example, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Redhat, CentOS, etc.

Linux distributions today are very many because each distro modifies Linux with its own goals and objectives.

Why Many Distros?

Because the Linux source code is open and anyone can develop a Linux operating system be it personal, group or company so they can make a distribution with their own brand.

For Beginners What Is Good To Use Distros?

All distributions have their own strengths and weaknesses, but I strongly encourage you to use Ubuntu or Fedora.

But in the Linux study guide here we will use the distro: Linux Mint which is the result of the development of ubuntu.

Why? Ubuntu is the most widely used distro at the moment and has a large number of official and unofficial documentation sources that will greatly facilitate you.

Duty! At this point, there is no practice yet but your job is to choose a distro that you will use to learn Linux and use Ubuntu Mint!

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