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Get to Know Linux

get to know aout linux

welcome and happy learning in the Linux chapter for beginners in the first chapter this time we will get to know the name of Linux from the history of its creation to the terms so that we are easier going forward.

do not forget you also have to read all the articles that I have given until finished in sequence so that you really understand. and just ignore the read also section.

If you think this is the least important part, then you are mistaken.

Precisely this is the most important part that you should know when learning Linux, like making this house is a foundation that can strengthen you to continue to learn Linux by knowing the history and meaning of Linux.

Know the History of Linux is Important

By knowing the history of Linux and the purpose of making Linux you will be more motivated to learn more and be more active.

You will know how important Linux's role is in changing human civilization, especially the world of communication.

It all began with the human effort to create a calculating machine that could help simplify human life, now called a computer.

read the article on the button below:
Read: History os the Development of Computer Operating Systems

In the past when the computer was first created not using the operating system, Linux was created after the operating system concept was discovered.

Linux was not the first operating system to be found and used for computers at the time, there were predecessor operating systems such as the popular UNIX.

Until a student was inspired by UNIX to make their own Linux.
read the article on the button below:
Read: History of Linux Creation and Development

Linux is Everywhere

Linux is one of the operating systems that are widely used today ranging from servers, network devices, medical devices, industrial devices, security devices, personal computers/laptops to your cell phone, or Android smartphone using Linux (Android).

You Must Know the Linux Terms To Be Confused

When you start learning Linux you will definitely find foreign terms that you have never heard of when using windows.

Therefore it's good you know first a few terms that are often used in Linux so you don't get confused later.

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