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List of VGA Cards That Are Suitable For Hackintosh

vga support hackintosh
As we know that the most essential part of the hardware (hardware) that makes the MacOS system installation process on a Hackintosh PC run very smoothly is the Graphics card (VGA), also of course in addition to the Motherboard brand and the CPU model you are using, core 2 duo, core i3, i5, i7 or i9 maybe ?!

Without a compatible Graphics (VGA) card to support running macOS systems on non-Apple computers (Hackintosh), you might still be able to run macOS systems, but! You will not be able to enjoy the amazing MacOS system in the full experience.

That is why, this time the I will share a list of graphics cards (VGA) that are suitable for making Hackintosh and are known to function very well and certainly function perfectly without making you dizzy while in the Hackintosh installation process, and if you follow my guidelines on how to make Hackintosh bootable USB drive then certainly does not make you confused with technical matters

If you are a new visitor to this blog, you can find my guide on how to create a macOS bootable USB drive for vanilla Hackintosh from Windows. You can find the guide here.

In this post, I have made a list of VGA cards that are suitable for making Hackintosh based on my own experience, and from some hackintosher friends that I have met on the internet, and have succeeded with their Hackintosh project of course also by doing a little 'research' of course.

I myself use an Nvidia card which is an NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT Series and only 512 MB of memory. And it works well to run all applications and the system itself with full acceleration without any lag or errors etc.

So, in this list you will find graphics cards at a low price too, if you plan to build your hackintosh or just want to place one on your existing PC.

Note! that this is not a complete list of VGA / GPU cards that work, just a list that I know of and has proven to work very well for running macOS on a hackintosh PC.

In this case the price will not be a problem, because not all cards will function for hackintosh. Even if the price is high, if it doesn't work! will make you dizzy too.

Here, I'm just 'trying' to give a list of VGA that already know 100% works guys!

OK here it is;

List of VGA Cards that are suitable for making Hackintosh


  • Nvidia 7000 Series, Nvidia 8000 Series, Nvidia 9000 Series, Nvidia GT 8000 series (This is the VGA card that I used for my Hackintosh project. To be exact, the GT 8500 series)
  • Nvidia GT 200 Series, Nvidia GT 400 Series, Nvidia GT 500 Series, Nvidia GT 600 Series, Nvidia GT 700 Series, Nvidia GT 520M, 540M and 630M ( laptop with discrete GPUs ) Nvidia GTX Titan (t)
  • Nvidia GTX 675M, 760M, 765M, 770MnVidia Quadro 1000M, 2000M
  • Nvidia Quadro 4000nVidia NVS 5200M [Avoid using Ti Series]
If your VGA card has been listed above, then it's good, but if your desktop PC doesn't have a VGA card, you can try checking the price at the nearest computer store or looking for an online store like Amazone .

ATI Radeon:

ATI Radeon HD 4600 series 1GB (A friend has confirmed success with his Hackintosh project using this VGA card).


GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (This VGA card has also been confirmed by a friend to work very well).

Conclusions and notes of the author

I know this is not a complete list, I am not promising but I will try to keep updating the list for other working GPUs.

If you have experience with other graphics cards that work beside the list above, please share them in the comments section below. I really appreciate if you want to share it here. This will really help other hackintosher friends find the right VGA card and function for their Hackintosh project.

I know it's not easy to install macOS on a PC Hackintosh, but if you do it the right method, a working VGA card and a little patience, of course, you will definitely succeed in making a Hackintosh on your PC.

Hopefully, this post is useful and I hope you also enjoy reading my post.

And please tell me about your experience with your Hackintosh by sharing with us here. Thank you!
Aliif Arief
Aliif Arief web and app enthusiast

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