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Reasons Why You Should Use LINUX

why is use linux

As we often know that the operating system for the most widely used computer devices is Windows and macOS. Windows becomes very commonly used by Indonesian users despite having a paid license, but Windows is very vulnerable to viruses, malware or ransomware and many pirated versions. Even to update Windows is also very difficult sometimes there are many obstacles. As for macOS users, this is very rare for users in Indonesia because the MacOS operating system must be bundled with the hardware (computer), and it is very expensive.

reasons why you should use linux

An alternative that you can use to be free of computer viruses and easily when updating an OS is Linux. Besides being known as a safe and stable operating system, Linux is also a free OS and there are many variants to choose from.

You are very lucky because there are OS choices like Linux. Linux is an open-source operating system that emerged since the late nineties and this can make you the best choice for your operating system. But why do you have to use Linux? Here are some reasons why you need to migrate from Windows to more open and free alternatives like using Linux?

1. Linux is Free

The first reason why you should use Linux is Free. Don't assume that you are not paying for the operating system that you are using now. Because you need to know that when you buy a desktop or laptop computer device, there is a cost that includes the price to buy a Windows license that is already installed. Not only that, if you have ever upgraded Windows, you know there are additional costs for this. The inherent costs are not only found in the operating system, but there are many applications for Windows or macOS that have associated costs.

Unlike when you use Linux, Linux is absolutely free and you will find thousands of applications also free. Instead of paying for MS Office, you can install LibreOffice on Linux or Open Office, directly from your distribution application store. Looking for a free Photoshop alternative? Try GIMP. And when it comes to increasing your Linux distribution, it won't cost you a dime ... never. Almost every Linux distribution does not charge a fee.

2. Linux is Flexible

If you have been using Windows or macOS for a long time, you will think this is your home or their home. Very few adjustments you can make. If you are a user who likes to work in more unique ways, of course, that is a limitation for you.

Luckily, Linux allows you to customize the operating system to meet your needs perfectly. Don't like the GNOME desktop? Use KDE. Don't like the look and feel of GNOME, change it with Extensions. Don't like where Xfce Panel lives? Move it. The customizations you can do are almost unlimited. And many of these adjustments are very easy to manage (so you don't have to be a hard-core Linux user to do this). In the end, you can work exactly as you want, not work with an operating system that Apple or Microsoft wants.

3. Linux Safe

By design, Linux is far more secure than Windows or macOS. Indeed, using Linux is still possible for you to encounter viruses, malware, ransomware, but far fewer and even many users who often say that Linux does not need antivirus software as in Windows or macOS. This alone makes you want to migrate from your current operating system. Many experts believe the reason is that Linux is not targeted as much as Windows or macOS because the market share is far less.

However, you need to know that the use of Linux is widespread among enterprise-level businesses. Big companies like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google all rely on Linux. Linux users have felt safe for decades without suffering a single security problem. That means that it is far less likely to experience security problems with Linux than you are with Windows or macOS. Remember, no operating system is 100% safe. Even though Linux is known to be very safe, you also have to be wise in using it.

And you need to know that most computer servers and also web servers use the Linux operating system, this proves that Linux is very safe and also stable. There is no excessive fear when using Linux as a server compared to using another OS for the server.

4. Linux is Reliable

The next reason why you should use Linux is that Linux is a stable and reliable OS because many users feel that interference with Linux is very rare. Even if there is a stuck application, Linux does not lock up your entire system (as it does in Windows). Better yet, if that really happens, it is possible to use what is called a virtual console (or terminal) and close the problematic application from the command line. After you close a stuck application, you can use your computer smoothly again without needing to turn it off. You cannot do this in Windows. Even with that capability, applications on Linux are very solid and rarely get stuck. Say goodbye to the Blue Screen of Death or the White Screen that you often encounter on Windows.

5. Linux is User Friendly

Back in the late nineties and early 2000s, Linux had the disadvantage of being quite difficult to install and use. Only uber-geeks are able to claim it as their own. If you do not study computer science, there is a very difficult possibility to use this operating system and many obstacles that you must face when using it

But it is different now. Modern Linux operating systems are easy to install on desktop or laptop computers and are as easy as using Windows or macOS. Anyone can install and operate Linux, especially if you are a user of Ubuntu Linux, Linux Mint, Elementary OS, or Deepin Linux, you will have the same taste as in Windows.

6. Linux is easy to upgrade

Speaking of upgrades, every time you start (or restart) Windows, and you see an update screen, if so, then of course you will feel very anxious and hope that the update will not make your computer die or not run. With Linux, upgrading is very easy. And unlike Windows, which seems like you have to reboot every time an application is updated, Linux only needs to reboot if the kernel is updated. Every application, daemon, and service can update on your Linux machine and you don't need to reboot. Linux machines are famous for running software without rebooting. And with technology like Ubuntu LivePatch, even when the kernel update won't force your computer's machine to reboot.

7. Easy Linux Support Found

If you experience problems on Linux, where will you look for help? Fortunately, there are many online forums, groups, and mailing lists dedicated to helping users solve problems, all free and none of which will cost you a penny. Sites like Ask Ubuntu, Linux Mint Forums, and Ask Fedora are great places to ask and search for answers. In fact, almost every Linux distribution offers a help form or mailing list dedicated to users who solve each other's problems. And because this community is dedicated to open source (and the spread of Linux), these forums are generally very friendly and helpful.

8. Linux is compatible with old hardware

The last reason you have to use Linux is that Linux is compatible with old computer hardware. With Windows and macOS, you might feel forced to buy new hardware every time you upgrade the system, operating to a new version. This can also be called planned obsolescence. You will not find it when using Linux. In fact, there are a large number of Linux distributions that are specifically designed to work well on old hardware. Distributions like Peppermint OS, Lubuntu, Linux Lite, and Bodhi Linux all work well on older hardware. That means you not only save money, you also save the environment (by not having to waste computer hardware every five years.


And that's 8 reasons why you should use or switch to using Linux. Of course, there are still many other reasons that can be used to use Linux. If you have other reasons besides the above, please share in the comments below. Thank you and good luck trying to use Linux.
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