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20+ New MacOS Catalina Features You Must Know

mac os catalina new features

For you who are curious about any new features of MacOS 10.15 Catalina, here I share 21 more new features of MacOS Catalina after trying it after a few days.

1. Apple Music

First, iTunes doesn't exist anymore, and each feature is broken down into separate applications. The first piece of Apple Music was specifically for listening to music. There is a For You menu that displays personalized songs. Then there is the browse menu to make it easier to find songs, and the radio menu to listen to online radio.

Then of course there's a library menu, starting from recently added, artist, album, song. There is also a Genius menu which when activated will automatically create playlists or mix rows of songs according to the typical song we like.

When searching for songs, also displayed recent search history, recently viewed, and trending searches on Apple music. So Apple is really trying to improve the music discovery experience on Apple Music.

2. Apple Podcast

Second, there is Apple Podcast, as the name implies is specifically for finding and listening to podcasts. So you can browse podcasts, search by category, or just look at it from the Top Chart. When a podcast is played you can access the description too - which is often useful because some podcasters usually put their transcript in the description.

3. Apple TV

Third is Apple TV. Actually there are many menus on Apple TV, but all we can access in Indonesia are Watch Now, Movies, and Library - while TV Shows and Kids cannot be accessed here.

Watch now, you can see the list next up and a row of interesting films to watch according to our own personalization. Then in Movies you can browse films from several categories and curation, and in the Library there is a list of movies that you buy / rent.

If you open each page of the film, now you can easily buy, rent, and enter up next - because the buttons become large and easy to find. The design is also better, you can see the cast & crew list - which, when clicked on, immediately shows another movie they starred in.

4. Finder

Maybe you're wondering if there's no iTunes - how do you connect your iPhone to macOS Catalina? It turns out that this feature is now directly embedded in the Finder. It makes the iPhone immediately detected in the Finder once connected to macOS Catalina.

But still as before, here you can't explore iPhone files directly - like on an Android smartphone, but only like iTunes, which is moved to the Finder. So there is a general tab for updates, backups, and restore - then there are music, movies, tv shows, podcasts, audiobooks, books, and photos for media synchronization. There is also a files tab to access files from the application, and there is also an info tab. Above you can click to switch from device details to serial, then to IMEI.

5. Find My

These five have the Find My application which is a combination of Find My iPhone, Find My Mac, and also Find My Friends. Here you can easily find your iPhone, Mac, and contact your friends. There is a map of its location, and if you click it can ring it, see the direction to get there, mark it as lost, or delete the data remotely.

6. Photos

The six Photos applications have also been overhauled. First, if you open it, there are Days, Month, and Years tabs that will display photos more cleanly and neatly by hiding various clutter caused by twin photos. Videos are also automatically played when scrolled, so it is more interactive. Actually there are photo editing and video editing features also in this new Photos, but in this beta version is still not completely developed.

7. Notes

Notes also gets updated. First, there is the new Gallery View, it's really nice to find notes because there is a preview and just scroll. Uniquely the gallery view icon is similar to the browse attachment icon in the previous Notes, and browse attachments now get a new icon. Then you can also share folders to collaborate all notes and subfolders in it. For this share, there is a view-only option, so other people can only see while the only one who can change is you.

And finally, you can easily drag and drop the checklist to change the order.

8. Reminders

Reminders are now completely overhauled. The design is new and made so much more powerful. Previously, this reminder was very simple, and could even be said to be poor in features, now Reminders is so much more advanced, similar to the task manager application. So you can make a list, this is a group task. Then you can create tasks, add notes, when to deadline - whether today, tomorrow, this weekend or custom. All tasks will be automatically organized, to display what has to be done today - then you can also check the timeline in a scheduled manner.

Actually, there are still other advanced features, i.e. you can attach photos, documents, and even the web in the Task.

9. Safari

Safari also does not miss getting updates. Now there is a new start page in Safari. Then every time you download from a website that you visit, there will be a notification whether you want to allow downloads from that site or not. Then what's interesting, now you can activate picture-in-picture mode easily and quickly via the Audio tab. In addition, if you register an account and use a weak password, Safari will give suggestions for using a stronger random password.

10. Mail

Mail also gets a few updates. First, now you can easily block contacts, maybe there are contacts who like to be very quiet, you can block easily. All messages sent by this contact will immediately go to the trash. Additionally, the unsubscribe link for e-mails from the mailing list is now displayed above, making it easy for those of you who want to unsubscribe. And if there is a thread that is too active and noisy, you can just mute.

11. Screentime

Then there are iOS features that are now also carried to Mac. On macOS Catalina now you can find Screentime! Just like on iOS, this screentime has a detailed report on Mac usage - how long is the use of each application and each category, the number of notifications, and pickup statistics are also here. Downtime, App Limits, and Content & Privacy limiting are also presented to the Mac. Interestingly, the Screen Time report on Mac can be combined with iPhone and iPad as well. This is optional and you can activate it if you want.

12. Dark Mode Auto

Switching to the display, if in Mojave you only have the Light and Dark Mode options, on the MacOS Catalina there is a new option that is Auto. This auto means that during daylight hours he will appear light, while the curfew will appear dark.

13. Apple ID Information

If you look at the Preferences display, there are also differences. Now the Apple ID is displayed directly above the Preferences window. You can open directly to see all Apple ID details, make iCloud settings, including also arranging purchases and subscriptions. Details of the devices connected to the Apple ID are also displayed here.

In addition you can also arrange Family Sharing, ranging from purchase sharing, iCloud storage, location sharing, and others.

14. Quick time Player

QuickTime Player also does not miss updates. Now you can run videos in Picture-in-Picture mode very easily. So this video can still be played in a small window above the other application window. Make it really easy if you want to watch videos while browsing or other activities. In addition, you can display Movie Inspector, which now has very complete information - from format, resolution, FPS, aspect ratio, to data rate as well.

You can also open sequence images, then adjust the frame, resolution, and encode it. These photos will be played quickly, and you can save them as videos.

15. iCloud Drive Folder Sharing

Now you can share the iCloud folder, so anyone who has access can view the contents of the folder, add new files, and access the latest version of the files in it. You can also limit access to only view only.

16. Security

There are lots of security improvements on MacOS Catalina. First this OS runs on a read-only system volume that is separate from other data. So the application or anything can not overwrite important system files. DriverKit also no longer uses the kernel extension, but runs separately from the OS so if there is an error Kext will not affect the system. macOS Catalina also always checks and provides notifications for every application that needs data access either on internal or external storage - and also checks for applications that want to do key logging and screen records.

17. iPad app

There will be lots of iPad apps and games that you can run on Mac, because now developers can bring their iPad apps to Mac through Project Catalyst. Asphalt 9 Legends, DC Universe, and various other applications will be able to run on Mac.

18. Sidecar

In addition, there is a Sidecar feature that makes the iPad as a Mac second screen. That way you can use Apple Pencil to draw. Many applications certainly support this Sidecar feature, such as Adobe Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, Corel Draw, and others.

19. Restore from snapshot

macOS Catalina is also equipped with a Restore Snapshot, so for example you run out of macOS updates, and there are applications that don't support the latest updates, you can just restore to the version before the update easily.

20. Accessibility (Voice Control)

In addition, there is also a voice control feature, to control the Mac with sound, in this beta version has not been implanted.

21. Approve with Apple Watch

For you, Apple Watch users, the integration of Apple Watch and Mac is now even deeper because it can not only be used to authenticate logins - but also to view passwords, install applications, open locked notes, unlock settings in Preferences, and others by pressing two next time the Apple Watch button. Very simple.

There are many other minor changes on macOS Catalina, both in terms of appearance, new fonts, and others. Please just ask in the comments column if there are still things you want to ask about this MacOS Catalina because later I will answer in the macOS Catalina QnA video.

Already installed macOS 10.15 Catalina and tried all the new features ... ??
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