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How to Upgrade Mac and MacBook to MacOS Catalina

how to upgrade to mac os catalina

How to upgrade to MacOS Catalina is indeed a little different, especially for you who are currently using MacOS Mojave. This is because the upgrade process via the Software Update menu in the System Preference menu on Mac.

Previously, users could update MacOS and other software updates on the Mac App Store. The mechanism has been removed and replaced by the Software Update menu in the System Preference.
How to upgrade to macOS Catalina is very easy, you can follow the tutorial and steps below:

  1. Make sure your Mac or MacBook is connected to the internet at high speed.
  2. Open System Preference -> Software Update.
  3. Wait until macOS Catalina appears in the Upgrade menu 
  4. You'll find the Upgrade menu to macOS Catalina.
  5. Click Upgrade Now to start upgrading to macOS Catalina.
  6. Wait until the download is complete.
  7. Follow the upgrade steps that appear on the Mac screen.
  8. Wait until the Mac upgrade process is complete.
This upgrade process can take 1 hour. For you, MacBook users, make sure you upgrade with a battery that is still full and while charging the battery.

For desktop Mac users, make sure during the upgrade process your computer does not turn off due to power outages or instability.
How? Have you upgraded your Mac to the latest version?
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