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How to Install OptiFine in Minecraft

How to install optifine

OptiFine includes a Minecraft mod that makes our graphics run smoothly and computer performance optimal. Also with this OptiFine, we can install Minecraft graphic shaders so they look real.

It's just that OptiFine's shortcomings don't always support the latest version of Minecraft. At the time of this writing, OptiFine only supports Minecraft version 1.14. While Minecraft version 1.15 has come out.

But that's okay because the OptiFine developer does the work voluntarily. So don't protest too much.

Download the latest Java Version

Unfortunately, so we can run OptiFine smoothly, then we need to install the latest version of Java on our computer or laptop first. Therefore let's download the latest version of Java on the website
There will be various versions of Java there. Here we use the Windows version. Then because Minecraft Launcher is 32-bit, we download 32-bit Java too. Don't download 64-bit ones.
Download the one I gave me a big arrow.

Okay so that our Java file was downloaded successfully and how to install it is easy. Click Install, wait, then Close.

Install Minecraft 1.14.4 Version

Now, as I said earlier, OptiFine doesn't yet support the latest version of Minecraft. Therefore we need to install an old version of Minecraft or in this case Minecraft version 1.14.4. Because that is the version supported by OptiFine for now.

So let's just install Minecraft version 1.14.4 directly from the launcher.

Open Minecraft Launcher and make a new installation. Then choose version 1.14.4. Wait a few minutes and Minecraft version 1.14.4 is successfully installed. in this example, I use Original Launcher If cracker launcher, it feels the same. So smart, yeah.
Select New to add a new installation.
then choose Minecraft version 1.14.4.
So now we have two versions. Latest and Minecraft 1.14.4.

OK? Easy huh? For a launcher, crack is not much different.

Press the Play button so the file is downloaded automatically by the launcher and make sure Minecraft 1.14.4 can be played.

Download the Latest Version of Optifine

Okay, to download Optifine, we just go to There is already a download option and just select the version we need. In this example, we just download the latest version.

because we installed Minecraft version 1.14.4, then we need OptiFine version 1.14.4 too. The logic is like that.

So we choose OptfiFine 1.14.4, the top one, the latest alias OptiFine 1.14.4 HD U F5.

because the OptiFine developers also need money to buy coffee and all kinds, so they also put safelink ads on their website. So we just skip the ads if you're not interested in the ads.

The upper right corner has a SKIP button.

After clicking, we will be taken to the OptiFine download page that we need. Please click the link on the page and our OptiFine will be downloaded immediately.

Sometimes our computer does not like the file format. Jar and the computer will block our download files because they are considered dangerous. It's okay, just ignore it. Click continue or keep downloading or whatever is requested by our computer, just ignore it.

Okay, that way OptiFine has been downloaded successfully. Now just open our OptiFine file by double-clicking the file.

After double-clicking the OptiFine installation window will open and just click the install button!

Click Install ...

and succeed !!!!

Okay, that way in our launcher there will be one more OptiFine version of Minecraft. Well, that way we can play Minecraft smoothly and can be added mods that make graphics so extraordinary.

Minecraft with OptiFine is ready to play!

so many tutorials from Masteknow, I hope you have good luck and good luck, hopefully, the tone will work.
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