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How To Install Linux | Completely

how to install linux

Before you can install Linux on your computer or laptop, you need to download an ISO Linux file which you can download for free from the official Linux mint website.

You do not have to have a laptop or a special computer to try Linux, because there are several methods you can use to keep installing Linux on your computer or laptop without having to delete windows.

Download File ISO Linux

Now you need to download the Ubuntu Linux Mint ISO file because I will teach you how to install Linux on your computer.

It is mandatory to download the ISO Linux mint file from a trusted source to maintain your security, do not ever want to download other than the link provided on the official website, because it could potentially contain malware.

Duty! Download Linux Mint then save the ISO file on your computer.
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Choose the Right Install Method

After you have successfully downloaded the ISO Linux mint file, you need to decide which techniques and methods you will use. It is better if you choose according to your computer's current spec condition.

You can install and try Linux in a variety of ways, including:
  • Live CD
  • Virtualization
  • Dual Boot
  • Full OS
If you are confused about which method to choose, you can follow the guidelines below to determine which method works best for you.

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How to Install Linux on Windows with VirtualBox

This method is the easiest way to install Linux on your computer without worrying about damaging or deleting data in your windows. Even this way you can run Linux on Windows.

The Linux Operating System runs on Windows using Virtualbox

The drawback of this method is that your computer spec must be quite high in order to run smoothly, this is because you are running two operating systems simultaneously using one computer.

Remember every operating system needs storage allocation, RAM, processor to run, which is why you need decent specs if you want to use this method.

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How to Install Linux side by side with Windows (dual boot)

If after trying to use VirtualBox your computer turns out to be very slow and impossible to continue, the second way you can choose is to use the dual boot technique.

This method is rather difficult because it requires carefulness when setting it up so that your windows data is safe and not erased accidentally because of your laziness to read.

In this way Linux will be installed side by side with windows without deleting existing data (if done correctly according to the guidelines) when your computer is turned on the operating system option will appear which you will boot (windows or Linux)

Linux Mint dual-boot with windows 8

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How to install Linux directly on the computer as the main OS

This is the most recommended way if you want to learn Linux to be more focused and fast, the key is you have to use Linux as a primary OS to do all your work. If you are still playing online games then stop first, because Linux has not been designed to play games optimally even though it is being worked on.

By using Linux for work, you can't help but have to learn how to do it on Linux, starting from installing applications, managing documents, managing views, printer settings, and so on.

The more used you will find new things, do not worry if you find errors or new things that you can not because you are not the first Linux user. All your difficulties when using Linux for the first time have been discussed in the Linux community forum, you just need to look for it on the internet.

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