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Before installing Hackintosh on PC, read the following article

how to install hackintosh
I remember the first time when I tried to install hackintosh on my PC. At that time I tried to install Mac OS X Snow Leopard. And the funny thing is I spent more than one week just to make it can be installed and running smoothly on my computer.

At that time, my PC specifications were different from the PCs I now use to experiment with hackintosh. Yes! you could say it's quite messy at that time ha ha!

I have tried various methods, vanilla and distro. And finally I found the safest way is to do the vanilla installation method.

Even so, I also learned a lot from using a Mac distro. However, if you ask me the best way to install Hackintosh on your computer. I highly recommend the vanilla method. And it would be better if you do it yourself.

For friends who are familiar with things about Hackintosh. You probably know exactly what I'm talking about here. But for those of you who are strangers, you might think that I'm wrong in spelling Macintosh

If you don't know what Hackintosh is, or you are new to this, and want to learn how to make Hackintosh on your PC for the first time. In this post we will find out about what is Hackintosh. And I also want to share tips on how to install correctly.

But before we talk more about how to install macOS on a PC (Hackintosh). You may need to know the following things.

What is Hackintosh?

Ok, I will try to explain it in easy language so that everyone will be able to understand it.

Hackintosh is a standard desktop or laptop PC that is usually designed to work with Windows or maybe the Linux operating system in it. But some people (Hackintosher) hacked it to run the Mackintosh operating system (Mac OS - (X) on it.

They use bootloader applications such as Clover, Chameleon to create PBR (Partition Boot Record) to boot the Macintosh operating system. They generally use the Guid Partition Table (GPT) layout. However, this method also works on the Master Boot Record (MBR) layout.

Bootloader, for example Clover / Chameleon has several files in the PBR partition, such as kernel extension (kext), config.plist etc.

The most important text that must be used is FakeSMC.kext

For easy explanation; this 'kext' makes macOS think that it's installed on an actual Macintosh computer.

Usually some additional kext is added to it to make the operating system function properly such as kext for audio, ethernet, wifi etc.

For better performance, hackintosher usually chooses a piece of computer hardware that is similar to a real Mac computer.

The tool you need to make a Hackintosh PC

One thing is certain your PC must have at least a core2 duo processor and above to run macOS. Under core2duo it only works for older versions of macOS, but won't work for some of the latest macOS.

You can ask Google's brand of Laptop or Mainboard which is known to work well for Hackintosh. There are several blogs/sites on the internet that have good reviews and resources about them.

Personally, I like using MSi for mainboards, most of them prove to work fantastic for Hackintosh.

# VGA / Graphic card compatible

One of the most important or the most important piece of hardware to make you successfully install macOS on your PC is the VGA / Graphics card.

You can googling to 'research' about it. Or you can read my article about the list of VGA cards that work for Hackintosh. You can read the list here List of VGA Cards Suitable for Hackintosh

You will save your time if you have compatible VGA. And it won't be busy to make it work with patching kext etc.

Other hardware parts like audio, ethernet card, wifi etc. are not difficult to make it work as long as it is compatible with Hackintosh. If it is not compatible, there is nothing you can do because not all hardware is compatible with the macOS system.

# macOS Installer App and how to make a proper bootable usb to install it (Vanilla Method)

When everything is ready, then you must have the macOS Installer Application to make a bootable usb to install macOS on your PC.

You can get it by asking a friend who has a Mac computer, usually they save the App Installer. Or alternatively you can googling, someone will definitely upload it somewhere on the internet that you can download.

You can follow the tutorial on this blog the correct way to make a bootable usb for hackintosh.

Here if you want to learn how to make from Windows How to Make a Bootable USB Hackable in Windows

Is Hackintosh illegal?

I think it depends on the purpose. If you plan to make Hackintosh for personal and learning purposes. And to learn how the Macintosh operating system works wonderfully, then I think it doesn't matter.

Because you certainly already know, that Apple's luxury computer is quite expensive. Even if you buy it from a second hand, the price is still high.

And the only way to learn macOS is to install Hackintosh on a PC.

But! if your goal is to try to make money by mass assembling Hackintosh PCs and creating companies that call it 'crapytosh' or 'happytosh' or whatever. And sell them en masse. Then you really are looking for trouble, this is a clearly illegal practice.


You can always find other posts related to things about Hackintosh on this blog. I will try to keep posting about it when I find a trick or something new.

But it should be noted, that I am not responsible for any damage due to following the tutorial on this blog. The risk is in your own hands. And yes, my resources are only limited to experimenting with Hackintosh. Because it requires a lot of budgets.

And please do not hesitate to correct me if there is an incorrect or incomplete explanation that I wrote in this post.
Aliif Arief
Aliif Arief web and app enthusiast

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