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How to Download the Latest Linux Mint

How to Download the Latest Linux Mint
You can download Ubuntu Linux Mint directly through the mirror server that has been provided all over the world very easily.

Must Download from the official Website

Never download Linux mint from any website other than the official website and its official references.

This is to ensure your Linux mint is free from malware so that your Linux is free from hackers.

How to Download Linux Mint from the Official Website

1. Visit the official ubuntu Linux mint website at > select the download menu > Linux mint 18.x> select Cinnamon 64bit

2. you can choose the mirror server with the best speed to start the process of downloading Ubuntu Linux Mint

Why slow download speed?

Sometimes the download speed from the mirror server is very slow, even though you have a fast connection.

This is because the server traffic is full, so you use another method to download the ISO Linux mint file.

Download Using Torrent

The solution is you can try downloading Ubuntu Linux Linux with peer to peer Torrent sharing application.

I guarantee by using a torrent you will get full speed (the download speed obtained is the same as your internet maximum speed).

How to Download Ubuntu Linux Mint Using Torrent

No, I'm not worried about slow download speed when downloading Ubuntu Ubuntu using torrent, because Linux is part of the opensource community, it will certainly be a lot of peers/people who take part to share Linux mint through this torrent application.

Download dan install torrent

Download the torrent from the official website at> select Get uTorrent> after the download has finished installing in the normal way.

Download "torrent file" Ubuntu Linux mint from

Click the add torrent menu > then select Linux mint torrent file that we downloaded earlier

wait until the Ubuntu Linux Mint download process is complete

After the download is complete, we can continue to install ubuntu Linux mint using virtualization or dual boot.


You must download the latest ISO Linux mint file from trusted / official / official sources.

This is to make sure the Linux that you download is free from malware that is inserted by hackers.

If the download speed you get is small, you can use a torrent application to download the latest ISO Linux file.

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