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5 Ways to Add HP RAM Without Root

Currently, applications on HP are increasingly updated and the types are increasingly diverse. But, did you know that the size of applications on Android is always increasing?

The size of the application is too large and burdensome HP can cause problems with the device because the capacity of RAM used will be even greater.

Even though the RAM capacity on your cellphone is quite extensive, it doesn't mean that the capacity is unlimited. When RAM is running low, HP's performance will decrease.

As a solution, you have to increase the RAM capacity in the cellphone you are using, gang. But, how do you add RAM to your cellphone?

Don't be confused! RAM can't be tampered with, but I have tips on how to add RAM to the cellphone. Curious? Come on, check the following explanation!

How To Add RAM In HP

1. Uninstall the Application

The number of applications installed on the HP can certainly drain RAM capacity. In fact, the installed application is not necessarily used.

For that, you can delete or uninstall applications that are not important or very rarely used, for example, wasteful battery applications.

But, if you can't uninstall the application because you still need it, you can close the application so it doesn't run in the background.

2. Disable Application

To deactivate the application, you can use the Disable Application feature. You can also do this for applications that you don't want to uninstall.

Keep in mind, do not disable applications related to the Android system. Because, it can cause problems with cellphones, gangs.

But if you want to delete the default application, you can see how to delete the default application on Android in the following article.

3. Reduce Widgets and Live Wallpapers

Sounds simple, but how to add RAM HP Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, and other HP brands you must try if you want RAM capacity to be a little wider.

Both of these features indeed use the most RAM. Many widgets are always refreshed, while the live wallpaper is always active when the screen is on.

In addition to consuming RAM, these two features also make the battery run out quickly. For that, reduce the use of widgets and live wallpapers on mobile phones.

4. Disable Animation

How to add HP RAM without an application you can also do by deactivating the animation used on cellphones, gangs.

To turn off animation on an Android phone, you must enter Developer Options mode. The method is as follows.

- Step 1: Open the Settings menu, swipe to the bottom then press About Phone.

- Step 2: Click Software Information, then tap 7 times in the Build Number section to activate Developer Options.

- Step 3: Return to the Settings menu. Scroll to the bottom, then click Developer Options. Click on the animation menu to be deactivated. Select Animation Off.

5. Use the Booster App

If the game booster application can make smartphone run a game more smoothly, then the RAM booster can make smartphone performance more slippery.

Booster applications usually offer a RAM Booster feature that functions to remove unnecessary applications that take up the RAM capacity of your cellphone.

One of the best Android booster applications is Smart Booster from AntTek Mobile which is very useful for adding smartphone  RAM.

To download the Smart Booster application on Android mobile, you can click the link below, gang!

The final word

That's the way to add smartphone  RAM that you can do easily. This method can be tried on various smartphone brands, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, and others.

By adding RAM to the cellphone earlier, the RAM capacity will be more relieved so that smartphone performance will also increase, gang.
Aliif Arief
Aliif Arief web and app enthusiast

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