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Apple's Success Story: Starting with No Money

Steve Wozniak talks a lot about his life story. This Apple co-founder teaches us that great success can be achieved by anyone as long as they have strong ideas and motivations.

"When I pioneered Apple with Steve Jobs, we didn't have any money at all. We only had strong ideas and motivations. Motivation is what is inside us, more valuable than money," said Woz, his nickname.
The idea and motivation were poured in the form of innovative creative products that are useful for many people, and have more added value so that people are willing to spend money to buy it.

"Apple has made history, building a computer that is easy to use, intuitive, without the need to learn to use it. Humans are more important than technology. You have to hide the microprocessor to be invisible. Get rid of anything that is blocking the lives of normal people."

Armed with the skills they mastered while working for other companies - Wozniak at Hewlett-Packard and Jobs on Atari - both agreed to found Apple in 1976. "Let's make a company," recalls Wozniak imitating Steve Jobs's invitation to him at that time.

"Before starting Apple, Steve Jobs and I had been friends for more than five years. We divided the money fifty-fifty. He worked for Atari, and he found a way to sell. We started a partnership.We started in the garage, where we live. "

Wozniak is good at technical matters, and Jobs admitted he was very good at marketing a product." There are people whose masters are not in technology, but those people have big dreams. Meanwhile, what I always wanted was to be a super programmer. Technology people are usually reluctant to conflict with others. "

Who would have thought, the company they started from a garage 36 years ago, is now one of the world's leading technology companies. Mac computers, iPod music players, iPhone cellphones, and iPad tablets, is an example of the success of Apple products.

"Don't ever hijack other people's ideas. I don't have money, so I have to think hard. I keep asking myself what people need. I have to create something that hasn't been made by others. Once we get an answer, we slowly stepped in. Work one by one as much as possible, "said Woz.

Dream Becomes an Engineer

Woz admitted that he was lucky to have parents who understood him. His father is of Polish origin, also an engineer like himself. "I am very interested in science fiction. I knew I would become an engineer at the age of 10," recalls Woz, who is known as a seasoned engineer from Sillicon Valley.

"I was a shy little person, afraid to talk to other people. I didn't have time to have a boyfriend at that time, so I had plenty of time to reflect on each time I went home. My head was filled with ideas," said the man who designed hotel bookings online for the first time at that time.

Bright ideas are often found in unexpected moments. "I often stay up at night. Reading emails and sometimes fiddling with computers. Between waking and falling asleep I often think about technology products. I never use drugs. I also don't think, ideas always come at strange moments, "he said.

Wozniak returned to remember the forerunner of Apple that he founded with Steve Jobs. The two of them did meet in a club of computer lovers clubs consisting of technology geeks, one of whom was Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft.

"When Bill Gates came up with BASIC computer language, I never tried it. But then I learned it at Hewlett-Packard and then created an Apple embryo. Then Steve Jobs came up to me. 'Oh my God, let's make a company'. So I (Apple employee ) number one and Steve Jobs number two, "recalls Wozniak.

Although he was very successful, Woz claimed he had never shut down. He is always passionate about talking about technology and always open to anyone. He claimed to always read the incoming e-mails, even he had never even been called by his secretary.

"My philosophy is how to make life simple. People will tend to hide big questions, and answers, the truth is the culmination of all goodness. The truth for me is to tell everyone about me, what I do. The internet has brought us to this level. I'm not afraid of openness. "

The spirit of openness also makes him like open-source programming. " Open source controlled by young people, like me before. With open-source, we can see the contents of the program. We can get ideas by seeing what other people are doing. We can just start with things that are simple and economical. That's how innovation usually starts, "said Woz.

Jobs Trying to Fire the CEO 

Apple who is a huge success in the market today also had ups and downs. He left Apple, and Steve Jobs was forced to leave the company. According to him it was usual in a profit business organization oriented. However, his return of Steve Jobs, the company was again shot up to this moment.

"I do not get bored with the current Apple. I left Apple because I had an idea to build a universal remote control. I also developed a replacement hard drive with a chip like the solid disc state. I love developing new things. I also had amnesia after a plane crash. Then, I also went back to UC Berkeley to catch up, "Woz revealed the reason.

"As for Jobs, he has a bad reputation at some point. He was dismissed from his role after trying to fire our CEO. He was fired from his authority but not out of Apple. He felt inhibited from doing what he loved. Trying to build a big computer for "Apple products really define Steve's work. Almost all Apple products are representations of Steve Jobs," he continued.

"Now Steve Jobs has left us. How much I miss him. I hope he is here, accompanying me to share my knowledge and passion for technology. I don't think there is a technology leader like him," Woz recalled with teary eyes.

From his valuable life experience, Wozniak did not forget to give a message to young people in Indonesia.

"Chase your dreams as high as the sky. Don't hold your mind down and don't let your ideas slip by. It's okay to work in a company of people to generate income but don't waste your youth. You have to start writing your own 'book' and come up with a plan. yourself for your life. Don't be afraid to think for yourself. Don't be afraid that your ideas aren't as good as others, "concluded Woz.
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