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Select Linux Lts Version

adventages of linux lts version

Every Linux distribution has 2 versions of the Kernel release, which is the LTS (Long term Support) kernel version and the Latest release kernel, when do you have to use these 2 versions correctly and wisely?

The release version referred to here is the version of LINUX KERNEL (core/core of the Linux operating system), so it is not a version of all applications.

Because what is put forward in the Linux world is the version of KERNEL (core operating system) not the application (package) installed on Linux, the application is built to match the kernel version on the computer so that the application can run.

LTS Kernel

LTS ( Long term Support ) is the most stable version of the Linux kernel and will be supported in the next 5 years, your Linux will run stably without the need to update the kernel.

LTS kernel is more stable

The LTS Linux kernel is very suitable for office computers and servers because the LTS version is very stable without the need to update. You only need to update the kernel version every 5 years to the new LTS kernel version.

For those of you who want to use Linux as the main computer to work stably, I recommend using the Linux version with the LTS kernel because it is much more stable and rarely has trouble.

Kernel Latest Release

Every day the Linux community develops, and so does the kernel, every day it is developed to overcome emerging problems and optimize Linux computing.

Every time there is development, the kernel will usually be updated directly to the server repository and all Linux users can update the kernel version.

Linux Latest Release More Features

The good news is that the kernel with the latest release has an update to support new features, but sometimes after you update the kernel there are applications/features that are error.

So I do not recommend using the latest kernel release for agencies/companies/servers because of the risk of debugging and disturbing the stability of your Linux system.

But for those of you who like new things and want to follow/try Linux with the new version, use Linux with the latest kernel release version.

Can Still Update New Applications

Even though you use Linux kernel LTS, you can still update packages/applications installed to follow the update, but you don't need to update the kernel version.

Because updating the kernel version will affect the stability of the installed application (remember that the application can run depending on the kernel installed).

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